Training Matters


Vol. 9, No. 2 • February 2008

A New Blended Course for Supervisors

Supervisors Strengthening Staff Performance: Managing Transfer of Learning in the Work Place is a new, five-day, blended learning course for child welfare supervisors. The course consists of four days in the classroom and the equivalent of one day online.

Focus on Learning Transfer
This course seeks to enhance the transfer of classroom learning into the workplace. The training focuses on individual, team, and organizational learning; addresses challenges faced by supervisors; and gives participants opportunities to plan and implement transfer of learning activities in their work units.

During this course trainers provide frameworks for exploring effective transfer of learning, including adult learning theory, organizational learning processes, and the role of supervisors in promoting transfer of learning. Participants have the opportunity to identify barriers to effective transfer of learning and to work in small groups to devise strategies to address these barriers. Each participant develops a plan for transfer of learning in his or her work unit and implements this plan after each training session.

The Online Session
Upon enrollment, participants are assigned to an online Discussion Forum located on Participants are expected to actively engage in online discussions between the first and second classroom sessions. Participants MUST complete online work to receive course credit. Those unable to complete online work should not plan to attend the training.

Other Details
This course is open to child welfare supervisors employed in a North Carolina county department of social services or individuals or agencies contracting with county DSS agencies to provide child welfare services. (Does not include staff from private foster care/adoption agencies or private residential care agencies).

This course is recommended for all child welfare supervisors who have responsibility for managing, monitoring, and improving the performance of social work staff.

Prerequisites: None. Contact Hours: 30 hours. Developed by Resources for Change, Inc. and One Plus One, Inc.

Supervisor Resources on

The “Supervisor Resources” section of allows county DSS supervisors to manage all aspects of training related to their employees. Through this area of the site supervisors are able to:

1. Use “Employee Management” to:

  • Add information about an employee who is not currently in the training system
  • Edit personnel information for employees who are currently in the training system

2. Register their employees for training:

  1. Use the “Search for Training Events” option to quickly find upcoming training events, or use the “Training Calendar” or “Training Catalogue” options for a different view of upcoming training events
  2. Once they have created their employees’ registration applications, supervisors can use the “Employee Registration Cart” to submit registration applications for all their employees at once

3. View their employees’ training schedules and cancel registrations as needed

4. View the training attendance history of their employees

5. View their employees’ Individualized Training Assessments (ITA)

Use the options presented on the left-hand side of the screen to perform the tasks listed above. Note that these options are very similar to those in the Personalized Learning Portfolio (PLP), but are customized specifically to your employees. Use the PLP to register yourself for trainings, view your training attendance history, etc.


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